Tracy McFillin is the Business Administrator at the Center for Integrated Behavioral Health.  Tracy earned her Masters degree in Education from Lehigh University, with a Certification in Secondary School Guidance Counseling.   She earned her B.A. in Psychology from Albright College.  Tracy is actively involved with each and every client who comes into the Center for Integrated Behavioral Health.  Her expertise lies in working closely with insurance companies and confirming and coordinating benefits for all patients. She is committed to helping patients thoroughly understand the cost of treatment and navigating the confusing world of health insurance.  Her background in counseling and psychology enables her to communicate the benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to both potential patients and insurance companies.

Tracy oversees all financial and business aspects at the Center for Integrated Behavioral Health.  She is the first line business contact with community and business associates. Tracy is readily available to discuss any questions about the therapeutic process, staff at Center for Integrated Behavioral Health, insurance issues, or payment concerns.

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