Updated 2/28/18 We have opened up an additional 1-2 slots for the 2018-2019 training year.

Center for Integrated Behavioral Health, LLC in Bethlehem, PA is proud to announce a 1-year full time Postdoctoral Residency Program specializing in cognitive behavioral therapies, with positions in the following areas of specialization: dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), adult anxiety and mood disorders, child and adolescent treatment, eating disorders, and substance use disorders. The year long residency will run from August 2018- August 2019. Center for Integrated Behavioral Health is a group outpatient center specializing in evidence-based psychotherapy. CIBH is committed to providing state-of-the-art CBT clinical training under the direction of board certified Cognitive and Behavioral psychologists.

The residency program emphasizes intensive training and support in evidence based psychotherapy including: 2 hours of individual case supervision, 1.5 hours of CBT case formulation training, 1 hour of group case support, and 1.5 hours of DBT consult for those on the DBT team. Graduates with prior experience and training in CBT are eligible to apply. The position offers a yearly salary of $40,000 and full health benefits at no cost to the resident.

For those interested please forward a cover letter and CV to:

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