Instructor Agnes Lenda, Psy.D., ABPP
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Length 24 Weeks
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DBT Skills Training Only is a standalone option for those interested in learning DBT skills who do not meet the requirements for the comprehensive program.

You may benefit from this option if you are currently seeing a mental health provider and struggle with the following: regulating and expressing emotions, tolerating distress, and maintaining relationships.

There are 4 modules reviewed in 24 weeks:
mindfulness (present moment awareness), emotion regulation (understanding and changing emotions), distress tolerance (surviving crises and “riding out” intense emotions), and interpersonal effectiveness (enhancing communication).

DBT Skills Training Only requires weekly attendance.

DBT Skills Training Only is facilitated by Board Certified Psychologist, Agnes Lenda, Psy.D., ABPP

Why DBT?
Individuals with emotional vulnerability often have high sensitivity and quick reactivity to emotional situations and may react with ineffective or extreme responses. This reactivity may contribute to a higher sensitivity to the next event and create what may feel like an emotional roller coaster or a constant state of crisis leaving them feeling out of control, hopeless, or even suicidal. The inability to regulate intense emotions can result in difficulties stopping ineffective behaviors such as substance use, self-injury, disordered eating, high conflict in relationships, and suicidal thinking and attempts at taking one’s own life. DBT has been specifically designed and researched to provide skills and support in ending these behaviors and creating a life worth living.

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