Instructor Rizwan Ahmad, Psy.D.
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Price $Insurance Accepted / Weekly
Length 16 Weeks
Start Date Next Group will be April 30th 2024

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Center for Integrated Behavioral Health is now offering a modified version of DBT-A.

DBT-A is an evidence based therapy for teens struggling with non-suicidal self-injury, suicide attempts, impulsive behaviors, labile moods and unstable interpersonal relationships.

We have adapted the treatment to provide a separate parent training skills group to address the myriad of questions and challenges parents face when their children are in crisis. At the same time, teens will receive targeted DBT skills training separate from their parents to assist in developing skills to regulate intense emotions and end problematic and life threatening behaviors. This adapted form of DBT-A will be provided in 1 hour sessions over 16 weeks. Parents will be offered the opportunity to receive telephone coaching consultations as needed over the course of skills training to assist with skill development and effective responses to crisis behaviors.